Live video recordings

Sometimes i do a live video recording. Here’s some explanation to it.

This is a small review on a live recording done with a band called Factory

First of all.. normally i do live sound recordings in a diffrent way.
I use a Alesis HD 24 with a A&H GL2400 mixing console or a A&H QU 16 with a harddisk attached to it.
In that way u get the sound of all the instruments nice and clean as possible in a live setting, combined witih a seperate mic for ambiance. Ofcourse there is some interference with other instruments but not much.
But thats the main difference between a live recording and a studio recording.
It is just more coloured, and less controlled or manipulated, and therefore more accurate about the bands real sound.

For live video registrations, i use a Nikon D5200 on 4000 ISO and a TASCAM DR70 D and the built-in microphones.

Quality of a video recording is more depending on the cameras microphone.
Altough modern cameras have a decent mic on board, a seperated recorder like the TASCAM DR70 D or eg a Zoom H6 gives u better and more controle over the sound.

But still there a few options for live recording

-u can connect the camera ( or recorder) directly to the mixing console, creating there a seperate mix. (eg a monitor mix or broadcast mix on a AUX channel)
Less freedom due a tiny cable. Sound directly in sync with the video.
So this is not a real option in a small venue without bothering people stepping on your cables.

-Using the much better microphones on a recorder, directly connected to the camera.
Then mastering it in your videoeditor.
In this case there should be something like adjusting EQ, Compression, FX.

-Using the recorded files from the recorder, mastering is seperatly in ur video editting program or sound editor.

First the recorded sound directly fed into the camera

Remasterd in Magix with the video.

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